Chris Hughes, Republican

Chris Hughes Watauga Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor on Facebook

Hughes is running hard for this office. Hard. From his Facebook page, you might get the impression he was running for the General Assembly in Raleigh, since he appears to have many political opinions. He says he supports the Agribusiness Economy, bees, and clean air and water. He prayed at the opening of the Watauga GOP headquarters. He testified in front of the NC House Select Committee on School Safety. He’s campaigned on the ASU campus and at the Farmers Market. He takes many selfies.

But then there’s this. According to his website, Hughes is “a Leadership and Workforce Expert and an Advocate for Cultural Transformation.”  What kind of cultural transformation? His site goes on to say:

In his travels, he also works to inform and mobilize Pastors and Christians to be proactive in restoring a Biblical worldview framework in their communities and across the nation.

I looked further. His 2007 book, Revelation Revealed, sells on Amazon for $22.99 and describes Hughes as:

Chris Hughes is an author, speaker and evangelist. Chris Hughes is the Founder and Chairman of Salvation Ministries, an international organization that is dedicated to winning lost souls to Jesus Christ. Salvation Ministries hosts Crusades, Pastor Training Courses, Revivals, and Disaster Relief around the world…. Chris Hughes has authored four books, hosts two television shows and serves as a columnist for the Northwest Florida Daily News.

His earlier book, Fat Boy’s Guide to Grilling, is slightly less expensive in paperback for $15.99. Dude, why do you want to be Soil and Water Supervisor?

Bill Moretz, Unaffiliated

no website or Facebook page found

Moretz has been a fixture at the Watauga Farmers Market approximately forever, and he’s an expert on heritage apples and other native plants. He was an outspoken opponent of land-use planning in 2002 when Democrats on the County Commission proposed restrictions on “high-impact land uses.” Still, I know him to be man who believes in stewardship of our environment, he’s a very hard worker, and he puts his money where his mouth is.

Joey Clawson, incumbent Republican

no website or Facebook page found

Joey Clawson is a Christmas tree grower and has been active in the Christmas Tree Growers Association. His tree lot, Clawson’s Choose and Cut in Meat Camp, was featured in a Watauga Democrat article in 2014.

Clawson expanded his business, bought more tree lots, and expanded into wholesale supply. He’s now owner of Panoramic View Christmas Tree Farm in Boone.


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